Reservations for Day and Short Tours

We would love to have you join us.  This page explains how to make reservations for our day and short tours.

There is no charge for making a reservation request.  We will reply confirming that we can meet your request
and advising of the total amount due.  Your reservation will become effective once we receive your payment.

For all tours payment in full is due one week prior to the tour.

If booking less than one week in advance, payment in full is due at booking time.


Participation in these tours is conditional on acceptance of the Astrid Baur Travel Terms and Conditions for Short Tours posted here:
Online page  >  Terms & Conditions for Short Tours Web Page    /   File you can print >  Terms & Conditions for Short Tours PDF


Online Reservation Requests

Our online Reservation Request forms are easy to fill out and send, and they will speed things up for us and for you too.
There are separate forms for the various types of day and short tours.


For the Bavarian Highlights Scheduled Day Tour from Füssen or the Neuschwanstein Scheduled Half-Day Tour from Füssen  >


        Online Reservation Request  –  Scheduled Day Tour from Füssen        


For any of our Private Day Tours from Munich (9 tours) or any of our Private Day Tours from Füssen (3 tours) or
any of our Seasonal Private Day Tours from Munich  >


  Online Reservation Request  –  Private Day Tour from Munich or Füssen  


For our private 3-day tours from Munich – – Bavarian Castles Highlights 3-Day Tour, Rothenburg and Northern Bavaria,
or Salzburg and Eastern Bavaria   >


          Online Reservation Request  –  Private 3-Day Tour from Munich         


Reservations for our longer (7- to 11-day) tours are on a separate page.


Email or Telephone Reservation Requests

If you prefer you can send us an email identifying the tour you'd like to take, the tour date, your name, address, and phone number, the names and age groups of those who will be traveling with you, and how you will be paying.  Your email should go to this email link.

You can also reach us by telephone, whether you are calling from Germany or another country, at one of the contact numbers listed in the "Contact Information" section below.  Full contact information is on our Contact page.


Payment Procedures

If you will be paying by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or American Express)  ...

We're happy to accept credit cards but will not ask for credit card numbers in our Online form.  If you use the Online Reservation
tool or send a plain email to book a tour to be paid by credit card, we will telephone you to get the card number and expiry date. 

If you will be paying by check ...

If you book online, by email, or by telephone, your reservation will be tentative until your check is received.

If you will be paying by bank transfer ...

If you indicate that you will pay by bank transfer, we will send the transfer account details.


Contact Information

Email is fast, flexible, and free. You can write to us at  this email link .

You can call us in Germany  (Eastern Time + 6 Hours)

        U.S. Phone:  (202) 580 - 8732  /  Castles Office:  +49  8362  924 8800


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