Small-group and private English-language castles and regional tours in Germay, central Europe, and Ireland

Major Tours

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European Castles Tours specializes in all-inclusive small-group English-language tours – featuring inside visits at the most impressive castles, palaces, chateaux, cathedrals, monasteries and medieval towns in Germany and central Europe.

Our Bavarian and Rhine region castles tours are the most popular, but our sixteen 7- to 11-day itineraries also include Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, and Ireland.


Day and Short Tours

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Our day tours and 3-day itineraries from Munich and Füssen give you an opportunity to tailor your visit to Bavaria to pursue your own specific interests, or are perfect if you are under a time constraint.

The 3-day itineraries feature Bavarian highlights, Rothenburg, and Salzburg. We offer 25 private day tours in Germany and Austria including Christmas markets and winter editions, ranging from opulent palaces and historic sites to mines and mountain tops .


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