2024 Schedule Posted  (July 27,  2023)

We are really looking forward to 2024 and have planned and posted our schedule for next year.

All of our previous tours are included, with the same numbers of departures.

A summary list of all our scheduled major tour departures is provided on the Tour Dates page.  We've also provided calendar-format schedules there as printable PDFs to make planning easier.

The 2024 dates are now included on each of the scheduled major tour pages, and are included in the Itinerary PDFs on those pages.

Our European Castles Tours brochure is a 36-page colour catalogue that describes our current tours tht you can order to be shipped by mail or download in PDF format on our  Newsletters and Brochure  page.

You may find with some browsers, including Chrome and Edge, that you need to refresh    some pages to see the updated version.  If you will be viewing many pages it may be simpler to clear your browser's cache or "history" so that you get only current pages.

You can add any of our day or short tours before and/or after longer ones.  An index to our longer tours is provided on the Major Tours page, and an index to our shorter tours is provided on the Day and Short Tours page.

Website Upgrade  (April 24, 2018)

Our website has undergone a major technical upgrade to make it compliant with new standards for web pages and to make it accessible to users of tablets and smartphones.

You will have noticed that the home page has a new layout, but apart from that we have changed as little as possible of the way the site is organized, looks, and works.  The layout is slightly cleaner and lighter and a bit less cluttered, but most of the changes are in the structure and syntax of the underlying code. (If you're interested in the gory technical details ... the pages are now in HTML5 and implement "responsive design".)

We have been under pressure from search engine operators to bring things up-to-date, and hope that these changes will welcome new visitors now able to navigate our pages, without disrupting the browsing patterns of those already familiar with our site.

If you encounter a problem please let us know about it using the link on our  Feedback page.

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Astrid Baur's Castles Tours, previously at www.castlesoftheworld.de, have now completely moved to this new website, and this step also marks the completion of the process of changing the operating company name for Astrid Baur's tours from Castles Of The World Tours to European Castles Tours.

The tours have not changed.  (And Astrid has not changed.)

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