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European Castles Tours produces short email newsletters to keep past and potential clients up-to-date on new tour offerings and other changes.

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Our European Castles Tours brochure is a 36-page colour catalog of current tours, with the main tours described on two pages each.

All of the content is derived from the tour and support pages of this website.  The condensed tour descriptions include tour highlights and features sections as well as date and cost information.  The brochure also includes some comments from participants in previous castles tours and contact information.

 Our tour offerings for 2024 are actually the same as for 2020.  Our 2020 brochure describes these tours in detail and in a friendly format.  This brochure ships with insert pages listing the tour dates for 2024 and the corresponding brochure pages.

If you would like a copy of this brochure for yourself or to pass along to someone who does not have internet access or who is not comfortable surfing web pages, we would be happy to mail you a copy.

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