Brandenburg Gate,Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate (from 1791) has become the popular symbol of Berlin.

The Reichstag, Berlin

The Reichstag  became the seat of the German parliament again after 1990.

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace (late C17) is the only royal residence inside Berlin.

Victory Column, Berlin

Victoria, Roman goddess of Victory, stands atop the Victory Column (1864-73).

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral, finished in 1905, sits on the site of previous churches.

Bode Museum, Berlin

Bode Museum is one of the five major museums on Museum Island.

Kaiser-Wilhelm Church, Berlin

Bombed Kaiser-Wilhelm Church was not rebult as a reminder of World War II.

Kaiser-Wilhelm Church, Berlin

A new modern church, completed in 1963, rises from the ruins.

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie was the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point.

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

The checkpoint was the site of several serious Cold War confrontations.

Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial 2003-07) was designed to produce an uneasy feeling.

Chancellery, Berlin

The Chancellery (2001) is the largest government HQ building inthe world.


Leipzig Town Hall

Leipzig's Old City Hall, on the town square, dates from 1556.

St. Thomas Church, Leipzig

Leipzig's St. Thomas is famous as the church where J.S. Bach worked as cantor.

Statue of J.S. Bach, Leipzig

Statue of J.S. Bach, choir director at St. Thomas from 1723 to 1750.

St. Thomas Church interior, Leipzig

Interior of St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church, Leipzig

Music still plays a very important role in churches in Leipzig.

Nikolaikirche, Leipzig

Nikolaikirche, birthplace of the East German Revolution

Nikolaikirche, Leipzig

Music plays an important role at Nikolaikirche too.

Leipzig Station

Leipzig Station was rebuilt and modernized after Reunification.