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Prices and Reservations

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This tour is offered on the following basis:

This private tour is offered on a year-round basis, apart from scheduling conflicts.

Tour prices are for the land segment only.  Air fare is not included.

Prices are per adult, in U.S. dollars, based on double occupancy.

A child 8 to 16 years old sharing a room with two adults receives a 30 % reduction.

A deposit of US $ 300 per person is required to secure a reservation.


Irish Highlights Tour Prices  —  2021

  # of Participants Price per Person  
2 persons (minimum) US $ 3,349
4 persons US $ 2,999
6 persons (maximum) US $ 2,882

Irish Highlights Tour Prices  —  2022

  # of Participants Price per Person  
2 persons (minimum) US $ 3,590
4 persons US $ 3,190
6 persons (maximum) US $ 2,990


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