Rome's Trevi Fountain. Colosseum Colosseum wall detail Max capacity 80,000 Colosseum animal staging area Roman Forum, royal and civic centre St. Peter's Basilica The Altar of Transfiguration Tuscany Florence skyline, dominated by the Duomo Ponte Vecchio covered bridge Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore The Basilica dome was designed by Brunelleschi. Pisa's Leaning Tower The Baptistry, Duomo, and Leaning Tower San Gimignano's famous towers skyline Piazza della Cisterna in San Gimignano Central San Gimignano Siena's Torre del Mangia Siena's Piazza del Campo Julia's Balcony in Verona Verona's Roman Arena (30 AD) The Grand Canal in Venice St. Mark's Square St. Mark's Square, with the Campanile at centre The Doge's Palace St. Mark's Basilica The Rialto Bridge Gondolas on a Venice canal The beach on Lido Island Murano, island neighbour famous for exquisite glass Burano, known for its brightly-painted houses  


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