ERFURT is a well-preserved medieval city. Restored half-timbered medieval townhouses St. Augustine's Monastery, a former home of Martin Luther Luther lived here as a monk, 1505 - 1511 The church became Lutheran after the Reformation. Erfurt Christmas Market Erfurt Christmas Market Thuringian bratwurst is a favourite snack. WARTBURG CASTLE is perched on a cliff at Eisenach. Luther translated the bible into German here, 1521-22. The location provides a commanding view of the valley. The foundation of this UNESCO World Heritage Site dates from 1067. Great Hall Wartburg dining area Luther's writing desk This German Bible was printed in 1541. FRANKFURT AM MAIN is this tour's start and end point. The Main River is a tributary of the Rhine. Frankfurt is the major financial centre of the European continent. The Old Opera House was rebuilt from 1976 to 1981. Römerberg square, heart of Frankfurt's medieval old town Römerberg has been the seat of civic government since 1405. Frankfurt Christmas Market on Römerburg Square Frankfurt's Christmas Market dates from 1393. All manor of trinkets are on offer ... ... as well as treats both sweet and savory. Käthe Wohlfahrt, based in Rothenburg, is now international. Time to head home.  Auf wiedersehen.  


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