Rüdesheim sits at the southern end of the Rhine Gorge. Rüdesheim's main street Drosselgasse shopping and restaurant street in Rudesheim Cable car up to the Niederwald monument The statue of Germania commemorates Germany's creation in 1871. Looking south over Rüdesheim and the Rhine Vineyards on the hills date from the 6th century. We're cruising on the Rhine, through the UNESCO World Heritage zone. Typical small village along the Rhine The Rhine is a busy commercial waterway. Ruine Ehrenfels, above the Rhine and the vineyards The Ehrenfels ruins date from 1210. Burg Rheinstein, 13th century Burg Sooneck, 1000 AD The Pfalz, a mid-river toll castle, erected in 1328 The Lorelei Rock, bad news for careless sailors St. Goar, between Rüdesheim and Koblenz Burg Rheinfels, above St. Goar, was built in 1245. The French destroyed Rheinfels in 1797. A Burg Rheinfels guide relates history Burg Rheinfels ruins Burg Rheinfels overlooks the Rhine. Burg Katz, opposite St. Goar, dates from 1360. The Marksburg, hilltop at Braubach The Marksburg has survived for over 700 years. Work areas at windows take advantage of sunlight. A Marksburg guide explains the design of armour The German Corner in Koblenz, where the Moselle joins the Rhine Fortress Ehrenbreitstein, opposite Koblenz Cologne was first named by the Romans in 50 AD. Cologne Cathedral's corner stone was laid in 1248. Flying buttresses supporting the towering Cologne Cathedral  


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