MUNICH.  Bavarian capital.  Metro 6 million. Munich's Olympic Park ... ... site of 1972 Summer Olympics Königsplatz Munich's Ludwigstrasse Munich's opera house, the National Theatre Marienplatz, Munich's central square Munich Residence, former royal palace NEUSCHWANSTEIN, Ludwig's first castle Neuschwanstein was built 1869 - 1886. Neuschwanstein entrance Singers' Hall Neuschwanstein sits at the base of Mount Tegelberg. Helicopter view Top view Neuschwanstein in autumn LINDERHOF, Ludwig's second castle Linderhof was built 1870 - 1879. Flora and her nymphs Rococo architecture in the forest Linderhof's Eastern Flower Beds Southern Terraced Hill, with Venus Temple Moorish Kiosk View from behind and above Linderhof Restaurant in OBERAMMERGAU Businesses and homes are adorned with elaborate frescoes. Christmas stores feature local wood carrvings. Christkindlmarkt WIESKIRCHE  (The Church in the Meadow) It was built between 1745 and 1754 in rococo style. Wieskirche is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Church in the Meadow still has a real meadow.  


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